More about hard-to-have conversations

All too frequently we either hide from difficult people situations or confront them ineffectively. Good communication, along with the right words and direction, fails us!

We frequently find ourselves struggling with a set of particular stressful circumstances. For example, how to cope with strong emotions, peoples’ differing perceptions and negative assumptions, avoidance and aggressiveness and communicating bad news.

What to do

Conversations like these don’t cease being difficult but with the right strategies they can stop being a surprise and can be handled with a sense of direction.

My approach to training

Having participated in more than 2500 mediations/facilitations over 18 years, my comfort zone is at the practical level. However, I have studied overseas at post-graduate levels and lectured at university level in this area.

These courses capture a multitude of learnings, strategies and tips – some old, some borrowed, some new and some blue.

The essential ingredients of good interpersonal communication come from a mix of sources, the two most important of which are generous helpings of commonsense and self-awareness.