How to have those Hard-to-Have Workplace Conversations

As well as providing customised mediating/facilitating assistance throughout the country, from time to time we offer a schedule of workshops providing some excellent opportunities to learn about approaches and techniques that do actually work in turning around difficult ‘people problem’ situations.

Contact Paul directly to discuss when these courses may be offered.


Why attend these courses?

How many problems in your day-to-day work are aggravated and caused by poor interpersonal communication? How often are problems reacted to inappropriately or more often just left to fester?

When faced with stressful situations, we need more than good intentions. We must have a stock of easy-to-use, functional strategies.

These intensive workshops cover numerous practical techniques on how to constructively:

  • communicate without avoiding those crucial and ‘hard-to-hear’ messages
  • handle misunderstandings, impasses, conflicts and prickly personalities
  • engage with those recurring challenging issues like reported bullying, unspoken tensions, low trust and lack of respect.

Who is the course for?

Previous programmes have been well received by frontline team leaders, managers from all levels, HR personnel, union organisers and lawyers. To optimise learning, post-course support will be available from your trainers. Participants will also be provided with comprehensive course notes.

In-house programmes

We also offer in-house programmes adapted to meet the particular requirements of your organisation. Contact Paul to discuss options.

The trainers

Paul Hutcheson and Ava Gibson ( will run the workshops, drawing on a wealth of experience and insights about how to successfully handle difficult conversations. In total, they have handled more than 6000 mediations/facilitations.

Comments from previous courses

  • A very enjoyable and useful day. Love the mix of interaction with the sharing of your frontline experiences. Things like your ABCD and PSIS formulae will be very useful – Great atmosphere – enjoyed the workshop very much and learned heaps.
  • I previously thought this stuff could be a bit flaky but the down to earth strategies and tips were great.
  • Although some of this may be common sense it does not make it easy to deal with. To me it is a bit like CPR, something that needs to be done regularly to try to get it happening automatically in difficult situations.