Coaching for mediators

Few professions work in such isolation as Mediators do, given confidentiality protocols and other aspects of the work. Therefore, the role of Coaching/Supervision for Mediators is particularly significant.

Coaching/Supervision of Mediators emphasises learning from the past and planning for future interactions. It reinforces the Mediator as the best source for solutions, and provides support, challenge and advice.

My academic and teaching background is complemented by 17 years mediation practice across a wide variety of dispute areas. With this experience, combined with a proven ability to facilitate adult learning and education, I am now delivering a very successful, practical model of “coaching/mentoring/supervision” to practicing Mediators and other Dispute Resolution Specialists. Coaching/Supervision sessions function very well by telephone as well as face-to-face.

My regular clients are represented in both state sector and private mediation, as well as in senior management and the advocacy/legal profession.

The Coaching/Supervision framework within which I work emphasises the importance of:

  • Utilising practical mediation knowledge, skills and strategies;
  • Facilitating learning through reflection on the past and planning for future interactions;
  • Encouraging Mediators to draw on their own experiences complemented by the supervisor’s contributions;
  • Mediators having the motivation to look to themselves for the key to enhancing professional practice.