Nine benefits of mediation

Here are some key benefits you can expect from using mediation.

Mediation is:

  • Effective engagement – Rather than compromising or surrendering ground on important issues, mediation is about directly focusing on all the significant concerns of the parties in a thorough, systematic way.
  • Cost effective – It’s cheaper in terms of money, time and effort compared to other options.
  • More productive relationships – Mediation improves the chances of better ongoing relationships between the parties.
  • Private – The process is confidential – what is said remains within the mediation sessions.
  • Voluntary and low-risk – Any decision arising out of mediation needs to be agreed to by each party and no change occurs to peoples’ positions or rights unless they voluntarily modify them.
  • Helpful practical assistance – Conflict is real difficult stuff and mediation provides an environment in which difficult and real issues can be expressed, listened to and given the best opportunity of being meaningfully addressed.
  • Effective – Any decisions achieved through mediation offer more effective and lasting outcomes because the parties create their own agreement.
  • Time well spent – Even where complete satisfaction is not reached, time spent in mediation can assist to clarify aspects of the conflict for one or both parties.
  • Future focus – Rather than totally focusing on the past, mediation is future focused. It recognises differing views and constructively works toward practical agreements that address the real issues for the future.

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