Why chose mediation

Engaging in mediation is well worth your while if three or more of the following circumstances apply to your conflict:

  • When the alternatives to sitting down in a mediation are less attractive such as the costs and risks of legal action or the costs of doing nothing, putting up with the status quo etc;
  • When parties understand just how low-risk mediation actually is. Remember, there will only be change if participants specifically agree to it;
  • When there is desire to deal with a dispute promptly rather than have it buried in the court system for years;
  • When there is an understanding of the advantages of working through issues in a private and confidential environment;
  • Where the parties’ reputations are important within the communities where they live or work;
  • Where there is any form of ongoing relationship between the parties, their families or their businesses;
  • Where there is a mix of considerations like legal concerns, financial and security issues, expectations of fairness, intense feelings and ongoing difficult behaviours;
  • Where the parties realise they are really stuck;
  • Where the parties have relatively similar levels of power and strength;
  • Where there is a willingness by the parties to deal with what has happened and to focus on the future.