Fixing team problems

The toughest of all challenges are workplace issues involving relationship difficulties. Frequently these are avoided simply because no one knows exactly what to do! Furthermore formal responses like investigations or disciplinary action rarely solves poor behaviour, and they are costly, prolonged and only worsen already frayed relationships.

In the midst of such uncertainty, an effective option is a Climate Assessment which provides:

  • a focus on thoroughly exploring all possible constructive options
  • an independent/non-threatening approach which can unearth more effectively those underlying stumbling blocks often missed by more formal inquiries
  • a tangible signal to all involved that meaningful solutions are seriously being sought
  • a useful basis for any ensuing processes like mediation, facilitation, etc
  • reassurance that all constructive options are exhausted before any further escalation.

Over-reacting or under-reacting to people problems simply does not work. Without increasing peoples’ defensiveness, a Climate Assessment is an effective framework to pose real challenges to those who have future responsibilities for doing things differently.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to contact organisations that have successfully used my Climate Assessment process.