One-on-one coaching

The truth is that as human beings our greatest limitation and our greatest resource is in fact ourselves! Reaching our potential in work effectiveness and job satisfaction are often cited, but are seldom achieved goals.

Work coaching can close these gaps:

By recognising

  • As individuals we invariably see only part of a problem and part of the solution;
  • When analysing problems, the influence of external factors are always exaggerated, along with the negative impact of other people;
  • When searching for solutions, our own capabilities are either over- or under-estimated;
  • We do not plan properly to achieve the solutions we seek;

By emphasising

  • Learning from the past and “real” planning for future interactions;
  • The best source for solutions will be ourselves as ideas from within are developed, modified and compared with new thinking;
  • With the benefit of a work coach’s perspective, the relative importance between:
    • structure and tasks versus process and people
    • details and past versus big picture and future
    • when to relate versus when to require
  • A structured conversation involving support, challenge and advice.